Eco Queen land and terraces Resort

Most important being its sheer natural beauty in Nepal. Home of the world’s highest mountain range and containing eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, Nepal is a magnet for the world’s most avid mountaineers, rock climbers, trekkers, and adventure seekers. Owing to the immense vertical drop from its northern mountains to its southern plains, Eco Queen land and terraces offers an investment opportunity in boutique eco resorts located in the Lamjung. We are actively seeking funding and financing for this sustainable hospitality project.

This innovative and sustainable hospitality concept will be targeting both international travelers as well as domestic tourism. With a strong focus on environmental awareness and eco-friendly values, we strive to create a minimal ecological footprint.

We offer various investment options covering different capital budget levels, depending on the level of engagement for Eco Queen and Terraces target to beginning, a new campaign. Among many problems of unemployment is the major one, which is directly linked with poverty of Eco Queen land and terraces offers aims to resolve both.

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